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About Us

Who We Are

In the last 100 years, Nebraska State Bank has gone from an ag bank serving farmers in Western Nebraska, to an FSA loan specialist serving ag operations nationwide.

When you speak with our highly experienced loan officers, you’ll see that we know agriculture, and have the skills to expertly walk you through the Farm Service Agency application process.

And when you meet our lobby staff, you’ll find competent, friendly folks who take pride in knowing our customers, and take care of you like you’re our own.

The big banks, bless their hearts, think they know how customers should be treated. We have a different idea of what truly personal customer service is. So contact us today, and we’ll show you the Nebraska State Bank difference.

The Early Days

In 1917, the Oshkosh State Bank, owned by Reuben Lisco and Peter Olson, started in a small frame building on the east side of Main Street. It operated there until the two-story brick building was built on the southwest corner of the intersection of Main and Avenue C. The Nebraska State Bank was chartered June 1, 1921 by W.W. Bower, Robert Day, C.M. Davis, Floyd Jones, August Sudman and G.E. Melvin. Then on January 21, 1924, Oshkosh State Bank and Nebraska State Bank merged into Nebraska State Bank, with the two-story brick building serving as its home.

Newly chartered by the Department of Banking in 1921, Nebraska State Bank financed agriculture and cattle operations in Western Nebraska and beyond. The bank saw growth throughout the decades, until the Savings & Loan crisis hit in the 1980s. Many rural banks suffered during this time, Nebraska State Bank included.

A New Direction

In the 1990s, with the hard lessons of the 1980s still fresh, Nebraska State Bank management decided to focus on an area that would be of benefit both to the bank and to the bank’s customer base: Farm Service Agency guaranteed loans.

Offered through the United States Department of Agriculture, FSA loans helped Nebraska State Bank keep local borrowers in business, as well as lower the risk to the bank itself. Soon the program expanded to nearby counties, as we worked with area banks that were trying to clean up their loan books. By the year 2000, our FSA loan program had spread to neighboring states—and Nebraska State Bank became one of the first lenders in the nation to be called an FSA Preferred Lender.

Guaranteed Loan Specialists

Today, Nebraska State Bank is an FSA Preferred Lender in 12 states. We truly enjoy the work we do, because guaranteed loans help family farmers and ranchers access the credit they need to help their operations succeed.

Much of our success is because borrowers, former borrowers, lenders, and the FSA pass along our name to neighbors when they’re looking for ag financing. These folks were pleased with how we handled their guaranteed loans—and we know you will be too.