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Agricultural Loans

Ag Financing That’s Right for You

Nebraska State Bank has supported agriculture in rural America for nearly a century. We’ve specialized in USDA guaranteed farm loans and ranch loans for over 30 years, and earned FSA preferred lender status in 12 states.

If you’re considering working with us, know that nothing beats experience. Our people come from farm, ranch, and rural backgrounds, and some of us still trade a desk chair for a tractor seat at the end of the day. We live agriculture, and look forward to helping you with your unique challenges.

We Make Farm Loans Less of a Chore

Our loan officers have over 60 years of combined ag loan experience. That experience is combined with a thorough understanding of the Farm Service Agency application process. So if you need farm loans or ranch loans, we’re uniquely qualified to help you get financing.

Once a loan officer promptly reviews your application, we’ll talk with you to collect the details about your specific operation. Then, we’ll work together to find your best financing solution.

Whether you’re wanting to finance real estate, livestock, equipment, or operating expenses, you’ll see that we have the knowledge and commitment to get your Farm Service Agency guaranteed loan or Beginning Farmer loan done right.

FSA Guaranteed Loan Program

We don’t have to tell you how challenging farming and ranching is these days. Throw in external factors like extreme weather and bank mergers, and you may not have access to the credit needed to make necessary changes to your operation.

Nebraska State Bank is proud to offer FSA guaranteed loans, because they offer more favorable loan terms to folks who may not get approved through other loan programs.
If you’re looking for financing to help your family farm succeed, contact us to learn more about FSA guaranteed loans.

FSA Guaranteed Loans Offer:

  • Terms and amortizations up to 30 years
  • Competitive, fixed interest rates
  • $1,825,00 maximum loan amounts
  • Access to financing for those with less-than-stellar credit
  • Learn more about FSA guaranteed loans here
Beginning Farmer Loan Program

If you want to start, or have recently started a farm or ranch, or are trying to work a younger generation into the family business, the FSA’s Beginning Farmer loan program is a great option.

This FSA guaranteed loan can help you buy real estate with little money down, as well as have access to capital for improvements to your operation. Give us a call so we can explain all of the benefits of this program.

Beginning Farmer Loans Offer:

  • Land purchases with a low down payment, in conjunction with an FSA direct loan
  • Longer terms than regular loans, up to 30 years
  • Competitive, fixed interest rates
  • Learn more about Beginning Farmer loans here
Rural Development Guaranteed Loan Program

USDA’s Rural Development program provides financial assistance for rural businesses. Through the USDA Rural Development program, Nebraska State Bank offers guaranteed rural development loans for real estate and equipment financing.

These guaranteed loans offer longer terms, so they can help you improve your business cash flow and you can put that money where it’s needed. Contact us to learn more.

Rural Development Guaranteed Loans Offer:

  • Terms up to 7 years for equipment loans
  • Terms up to 20 years for real estate loans
  • Learn more about rural development loans here
Conventional Agricultural Loans

Nebraska State Bank also offers the following conventional agriculture loans:

  • Lines of credit
  • Equipment loans
  • Livestock loans
  • Real estate loans
Business Loans

And we offer business loans for real estate and equipment using the rural development guaranteed program too—contact a loan officer to learn more!

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